How Long Should Your Hot Water Heater Last?

Depending on the internal quality of parts in water heater and whether you have followed maintenance schedule of draining and flushing the tank every year.  You can expect a hot water heater to last between 8 to12 years

Water heater problems normally become self-evident: A hot water faucet fails to summon hot water, you see dripping or puddles near the water heater, or the tank emits strange gurgling or popping sounds. These are a few warning signs telling you when your hot water heater needs replacing.

It would be nice to know before your water heater springs a leak and causes an inconvenience or worse yet damage to your home.  If you determine you have some of the early warning signs you will have time to review your choices of sizes and models and choose a qualified installer rather than rushing to find a replacement water heater on a Friday afternoon or worse on a weekend.

Here are some signs that you may be ready for a new hot water heater;

  • AGE: On average, your gas hot water heater should last anywhere between 8 to 12 years, while an electric model will last a bit longer at 10 to 15 years.
  • WATER: When you use your hot water tap, does the water look a bit tinted?  If so, there may be rust in your water heater, which is a possible indicator your hot water heater is showing signs of wear and may start to leak.
  • GURGLING or POPPING: These noises are caused by the buildup of hard water sediment heating up and exploding inside your water heater tank.
  • MOISTURE: Look around the base of your hot water heater for dampness for this may be a symptom of a slow or intermittent leak.
  • COLD WATER: An unexpected cold shower is not only bad way to start your day, but of a hot water heater that needs to be checked out.
  • PUDDLES: It’s time to call Crisafulli Bros., your trusted Albany, NY plumber and look into replacing your water heater ASAP!

What kind of hot water heater do you need?

Now that you have determined that it is time to replace your water heater, you need to consider whether the water heater type and size you had suits your needs best.  There are some key questions you should ask in the decision process.  For instance,

  • Do you want instant hot water?
  • And are you looking to invest in a conventional or tankless hot water heater?
  • How many gallons of hot water do you need during peak usage?

To help you better answer these questions and find the right hot water heater for your home, contact the professionals at Crisafulli Bros. in Albany NY and the greater Capital Region.  We’ll provide you with all the information you need and recommend what is right for you and your home.  Contact us today to get started.

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