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Crisafulli Bros. knows that entrusting your home, commercial building, or mechanical construction project to anyone is an important decision. We understand you want to have as much information about our company as possible so we’ve put together this information page so you can get all the answers you’re looking for about our company, services, processes, and more. If your question isn’t answered below, feel free to call and one of our friendly team members will assist you.

We’re looking forward to helping you, especially when it comes to your plumbing, heating, AC and mechanical construction project in Albany or the surrounding areas in Upstate New York! Give Crisafulli Bros. a call at (518) 868-0494 today.

General FAQ

Crisafulli Bros. is a third generation, locally owned and operated company and the second largest woman owned business in the region. Crisafulli Bros. is a third generation, locally owned and operated, NYS Certified Women Business Enterprise company. Our company is proud to be one of the Top 10 Mechanical Contractors in the Capital Region, and voted Best Plumbing Company in the Times Union Readers Poll each year since 2007, and named a 2018 Top Workplace. Our company is divided into three distinct divisions: The Service Division, Installation Division, and Mechanical Division.

Our Service Division provides plumbingdrain cleaningheating and air conditioning service and maintenance to residential and commercial customers. Common calls include repairing kitchen faucets, running toilets, plugged drains, and repairing and servicing heating and air conditioning systems throughout the Capital Region.

Our Installation Division replaces inefficient heating and air conditioning systems and commercial rooftop units for personalized comfort in residential and commercial applications. They also perform whole house repiping jobs and replacement of kitchen and bath fixtures.

Our Mechanical Division performs major mechanical installations, both plan and spec, and design-build, with contract values that range from $100,000 to $6,000,000. Clients include commercial, retail, educational, medical, municipal, and industrial entities.

Our core business philosophy is to do right by our staff, customers, and the community. We strive to be fair and reasonable in our interactions; for these reasons, we believe we continue to grow generation after generation.
 Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Give us a call, our staff is waiting to provide the Red Carpet Service and Solutions you deserve!

Crisafulli Bros. provides a full range of plumbing, drain cleaning, heating and cooling services to residential and commercial clients throughout the region. Whether you have a plumbing emergency, a leaky faucet, need your air conditioning serviced or are replacing your furnace, Crisafulli Bros. can help!
Crisafulli Bros. prides itself on exceptional service and customer satisfaction. When you call, you will be able to speak with someone who can help you set up an appointment, answer your questions, help you with billing related issues, or offer additional assistance during business hours. Outside of business hours, Crisafulli Bros. is still accessible with 24/7 emergency support. Our trucks are well-stocked with the parts necessary for the most common jobs, drop cloths and shoe covers to protect your home or business, and everything else we need to provide efficient and quality driven service.
Yes! Over the years, we have designed a special service agreement for our customers. Our Red Carpet Partnership Plan is designed to offer you priority scheduling, avoid overtime charges, discounts on parts and labor, annual safety checks and tune-ups, and many other benefits to ensure your plumbing, heating, and cooling systems are properly maintained and running efficiently. Our agreements are fully transferable and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Please contact us for more information about this unique program.
Yes! The professional staff at Crisafulli Bros. provides free, no obligation estimates on the installation of plumbing, heating, and cooling projects. Contact us today and one of our Comfort or Plumbing Specialists will happily meet with you to learn more about your needs and offer the best solution for your home or business.
Crisafulli Bros. services the industry’s highest quality brands, including Trane, Lennox, Bryant, Carrier, Mitsubishi, Weil-McLain, TriangleTube, Utica, Dunkirk, Uponor McQuay, Space Pac, Liebert, Air Ease, Delta, Eljer, Kohler, Moen, American Standard, AO Smith, Zoeller, Gerber, InSinkerator, Navien, Sterling, Toto, Hydromatic, Bosch Group and more!
Crisafulli Bros. accepts cash, checks, and major credit cards.
Yes! We offer financing options for projects over $1,000.
Whether you need help with your new programmable thermostat, drain cleaning, or are interested in learning more about our services, our professional staff is here for you. Please contact us today at

Plumbing FAQ

There are several ways you can prevent leaks in your plumbing system. You can monitor the pressure in your pipes to help you try to keep the pressure between 30 and 50 pounds per square inch. During the wintertime, you disconnect your garden hose and insulate your pipes to help prevent them from freezing.
It is likely that tree roots have made their way into your sewer line and are causing the backup. Our experienced plumbers at Crisafulli Bros. can use our video inspection and hydro jetting services to determine where the line has been compromised and effectively remove the tree roots with minimal damage to the health of the tree.
Metal contracts with cold and expands with heat. When the temperature drops the tank can contract before it rapidly expands when heating the water in the tank. This can weaken the water heater and create leaks. Look to see if you notice any leaks or any damage to the tank or pipes.
There are a few reasons why you might be experiencing less hot water. The first is that your water heater might not be heating the water properly. This is a common issue for many electric water heaters. Another cause is that there could be a plumbing issue where cold water is mixed with the hot water in the water heater’s tank. Our experienced plumbers can check to make sure that your water heater is in proper working order.
There are a few things you can do to help prevent clogs. You could cover the drain with a strainer that helps prevent debris from entering the plumbing system. It is also helpful to run some hot water through the drain every so often to break down some of the buildup that might be forming in the line. If you are dealing with a clogged drain, don’t use a caustic and harmful chemical. Instead, call our plumbers at Crisafulli Bros. for helpful service.

Heating FAQ

If you are smelling smoke or any other burning smell, it means that there is fire and the issue should be dealt with immediately. A common cause of the burning smell can be a dirty filter or dust in your furnace. Other potentially more dangerous causes include electrical problems or an issue with an oil filter. Our technicians at Crisafulli Bros. can quickly and safely resolve the issue.
Ultimately, there can be a range of factors that indicate how often you should change your air filters. If you have allergies, a pet, or continuously run your HVAC system, it can result in you changing your air filter about every 30 days. If you don’t have any allergies and hardly use your furnace or air conditioner, maybe you could go a year without changing the filter. Having a clean air filter is a great way to keep your utility cost down, protect your heating and cooling systems, and ensure optimal indoor air quality.
There is no difference! A heat pump takes heat from the air or ground and pumps it into your home. It uses geothermal heat instead of the burning of a fuel like a furnace or a boiler. Our technicians at Crisafulli Bros. can provide you with reliable heating services for your heat pump.

This can be the result of gas or other fuel building up while the furnace is starting. For whatever reason, the ignition sequence is delayed and when it finally starts there is too much fuel. This is a very serious issue and it should only be addressed by a trained professional.

If you feel like your heater is making your home too warm or not warm enough, it could be an issue with the thermostat. It’s important to check that any switches are not broken and that it is free of dust and grime. If you remove the faceplate, check to see if there are any loose or disconnected wires. Our team can inspect your thermostat and repair or replace it so you are able to be comfortable.

Air Conditioning FAQ

If you have an AC unit older than 15 years old, it could be time to replace your air conditioner. Lately, if you have been having a number of repairs on the AC unit, it could be a worthwhile investment to install a brand new system. Our AC technicians at Crisafulli Bros. can install your new air conditioner so you have an efficient and reliable cooling system.
There could be a wide range of issues that contribute to mildew growth in your HVAC system. It could be that your drip pan has collected a large amount of water and it is has begun to produce bacterial and mold growth. As a result of a large amount of stagnant water in the pan, you could have a clog in the drainage for the condensation in your AC unit. Another case of mildew smell from your air conditioner is growth within your ducts and vents. Humidity in upstate New York and the darkness of your air ducts can create a great environment for mildew growth.
You are absolutely able to plant a garden around your air conditioner, just leave a space of about 18-to-24 inches. Make sure that you continue to monitor your plants and prune back any growth that encroaches on the unit. It is possible that your unit can experience issues as a result of plant debris being sucked into the air conditioner.
Clicking sounds that you have not noticed before with your AC system, could indicate that you should call one of our experienced HVAC technicians at Crisafulli Bros. for service. If you are hearing the clicking every few seconds, it could be an issue with the capacitor, switch, fan motor, or some other mechanical component. When you hear the clicking sound when your AC turns on or off, it could be the result of a loose fan. This can be caused by normal wear and tear over time and by a lack of maintenance. If you are hearing a rattling sound along with the clicking, it means there could be a problem with the compressor.
A split system, also called a ductless mini-split system, features an outdoor component and an indoor component. Air is pulled from the outdoor portion and has the heat removed from it before it passes indoors. These systems are small, convenient, and efficient. You can also select which specific rooms in your house you want to place them in, giving you greater control. Package units are the bigger, self-contained units. They draw in air, remove the heat from it and push the cooler air through the ductwork in your home. These units are considered by many to be the most effective AC system for homes. Our professionals at Crisafulli Bros. are here to help you with both types of systems and can even help you select which one would be best for your property.

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