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Your sewer line typically runs beneath the lawn in the front of your property and leads to your main sewer line (or in some cases, your septic tank system). When this line becomes clogged or damaged, it may be time to excavate and replace it. When undertaking such a large project, you need a dependable and trustworthy plumbing contractor with experience handling these jobs—the kind of experience that Crisafulli Bros. Plumbing & Heating Contractors can offer you.

At Crisafulli Bros. Plumbing & Heating Contractors, we have seen and done it all over our 80 years in the business. We are the team you can depend on for these important sewer line excavation jobs; nobody has the tools, training, and experience that we can offer you. We work quickly, are respectful of your property, and offer quality workmanship and materials in order to achieve the best possible outcome in the shortest possible time. Our Albany plumbers have built a reputation for excellence, and we’re eager to show you why we’re the name customers turn to for all of their plumbing problems!

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Why Dig Up My Sewer Line?

Before you begin, there’s something important to keep in mind: excavating your sewer line should be a last option—there are plenty of other services available that can remove clogs and get your existing sewer line working so long as the pipe is in good condition. However, if your current plumbing line is damaged so badly it doesn’t work properly, then it may be time to undertake an excavation project.

We perform the following types of sewer line work:

  • New homes: Most of the time, sewer lines are installed at the same time as gas lines, water lines, and other below-ground utility lines. If you’re custom-building your home, you’ll need to do this, and it’s best to do it before laying down any landscaping.
  • Repairing/replacing existing lines: If a single section is damaged, it may be possible to simply replace the damaged section. However, an aging pipe may need to be completely replaced for cost-savings.
  • Septic system transition: City rules and codes may require you to switch from a septic tank system to a city sewer system. If your septic system needs replaced, or you simply have to make the transition, you’ll need to dig up and re-route your lines to connect to the public utility infrastructure.

Troubleshooting Issues Before Digging

Before you begin, it’s important to make sure that digging up your sewer line is the right solution to resolve your plumbing problem. First, you want to make sure that your issue is due to a pipe failure rather than a blockage or clog simply stopping it from working properly. For example, if sewage has spilled out onto your lawn, there’s a good chance your pipe has failed. If you’re dealing with slow or clogged drains, you may simply have a blockage.

Blockages can also be caused by tree roots. Tree roots can get into your pipes through extremely small gaps or cracks, where they then grow and expand to the point where they eventually clog up your plumbing lines.

Sewer Line Excavation Process

The most common excavation process for sewer repairs begins with a hole cut directly over each pipe (or the location for a new pipe) that allows for direct access to the work area and easy replacement or repair. This process usually involves equipment such as an excavator and jackhammers, which means it is an intrusive procedure. However, replacing the impacted area could be as simple as backfilling and then laying down new sod or seeding new grass. You may also need to pour new concrete to replace any previous concrete that was pulled up for your excavation project.

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