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How Central Air Conditioning Can Help Asthma Sufferers

With summer quickly approaching, which means high temperatures and humidity, for some; central air conditioning is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Many people don’t realize that central air conditioning can promote a healthier environment – especially for those suffering with asthma.

Asthma is often triggered by inhalation of air particles that contain allergens such as pollen, mold spores, dust mite droppings and animal dander. Unfortunately, breathing in these particles is often unavoidable. The good news is that air conditioners contain filters that collect and store these particles, keeping our intake to a minimum. Air conditioning filters easily remove the majority of these allergens as well as fine pet hair from the air, helping to relieve asthma symptoms. Central air conditioning also helps eliminate humidity which enables mold and algae to grow much more rapidly then it could if it were living in dry air.

Central air conditioning can help asthmatics by maintaining a consistent indoor environment free from external, airborne irritants. Air conditioning especially helps in areas with high levels of pollen and pollution, particularly on those hot summer nights when pollen levels tend to be higher because having central air enables you to sleep comfortably with the windows and doors shut.

In order to ensure the maximum effectiveness of your central air, it must be maintained properly. Ideally, you should have your system serviced annually by a certified HVAC contractor. There are things you can do to keep your air conditioning running in tip-top condition –changing your filter at least once a month in particular. Often overlooked, this simple maintenance item is the most important step in maintaining your air conditioning system. A clean filter will dramatically affect the air quality in your home and prolong the overall life of your air conditioning system by stopping dirt from getting to the other major mechanical components that make up the unit.

If you or someone in your family has asthma, now is the time to call an HVAC professional to get a quote on installing central air in your home or to perform a quick tune up on your current system regardless of how old or new it is. Being active in the maintenance of your air conditioner could help you avoid a major asthma attack and rest easier knowing that the air you and your family breathes is safe and contaminate-free.