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How to Unclog Your Toilet

The best way to unclog a toilet will be wholly dependant on the severity of the clog. For instance, if it is a clog that is caused by too much toilet paper then your best defense is a test of time. Also known as a “soft clog,” these tend to dissipate with time. With the simple force of gravity and the loosening action of water, you may be able to dislodge the blockage within an hour.

If you’re in a hurry, add a few squirts of biodegradable dish soap into your toilet bowl. Let it sit for a few moments and then flush your toilet with hot water to dislodge and unclog your toilet.

How? The dish soap becomes a lubricant that will detach the clog from the sides of the pipes. If the bowl water is close to the rim, then do not proceed with flushing. The bowl is designed to hold only one tank of water so you will run the risk of overflowing.

If these tricks of the plumbing trade do not help, then it’s time to break out the plunger.

Steps to using a plunger to unclog even the toughest of clogs:

  1. Insert the plunger into the bowl, press down tightly but gradually ensuring you’re covering the hole entirely.
  2. Immerse the plunger completely into the water so you’re pushing and pulling with water and not air.
  3. If necessary, add water to the bowl.
  4. Strongly pull up on the plunger to produce suction in the drain, then push in to generate pressure.
  5. Keep in mind that a proper plunging is all about suction rather than pressure. Be careful to not push too hard as you may jam the clog in further.
  6. If the plunging ultimately drains the bowl but the clog is still jamming a free flow down the drain, then leave the plunger and put more water into the bowl.
  7. Fill the bowl past the peak of the normal flush. Then repeat. Some clogs might require you to do this a number of times before clearing. If your toilet has a stubborn clog and you’re not sure what to do next? Contact Crisafulli Bros. to remedy your flushing problem.

Our professional Albany, New York, plumbers will be happy to step in when a home remedy just won’t do. Contact us today to schedule your emergency plumbing service.

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