5 Summer Foods to Keep Out of Your Garbage Disposal

Summer is almost here, and that means barbecues, picnics, cookouts, and all the other kind of get-togethers we love are right around the corner. However, when you bust out those famous summertime recipes, it’s important to remember that not all foods are the same—especially where your garbage disposal is concerned. Keep reading to learn the top five foods to keep out of your garbage disposal this summer, and remember that for your kitchen and general plumbing needs, you can always count on our experts at Crisafulli Bros. Plumbing & Heating Contractors, Inc.

5 Foods to Keep Away from Your Garbage Disposal This Summer

  1. Watermelon Rinds: While the juicy innards of a watermelon may not be hard for your garbage disposal to break down, the same cannot be said for the rinds. Not only are they one of the hardest types of fruit rinds in general, they can also wreak havoc on your garbage disposal’s blades. So the next time you are enjoying the pulpy fruit of this summer favorite, just toss the rind in the trash, rather than testing the strength of your garbage disposal.
  2. Corn Cobs/Husks: Much like a watermelon rind, a corn cob is simply too tough for your garbage disposal to break up. However, there’s another part of your corn on the cob that should be kept out of the sink at all times, too—the husk. While the husk may not damage your disposal’s blades directly, it can easily get wrapped around the impeller. And even when the husk is able to be broken down, it sometimes clings to the walls of your drain lines, contributing to clocks. To be safe, it is best to just throw all of your corn scraps in the trash. And speaking of scraps…
  3. Other Fruit/Vegetable Scraps: While watermelon rinds and corn husks are particularly bad, it’s best to just avoid putting fruit and vegetable scraps of any kind in your garbage disposal. Banana peels, for instance, can be tough for your garbage disposal to break down, while lemons and limes have rinds that – while not has tough as the outside of a watermelon – can also cause problems for the impeller as well. And corn is just one of the many stringy, fibrous vegetables that can lead to problems for your disposal; there’s also veggies like broccoli, asparagus, and brussels sprouts. And of course, the other reason you should avoid putting fruits in your garbage disposal altogether comes down to—
  4. Pits & Seeds: As a general rule of thumb, all pits and seeds should be kept away from your garbage disposal. This probably makes sense to you when considering something like a peach pit (yet another delicious summer treat that can nevertheless wreak terrible damage on your disposal.) However, even small seeds, like the kinds from pumpkins, sunflowers, and, that’s right, watermelons, can cause major problems for this appliance. This has less to do with what these small seeds can do to the impeller and more to do with the fact that they often bypass the impeller completely. The real issue with seeds is that they either end up sticking around in the sink or getting washed right down the drain, where they may stay in your pipes for a long time, potentially contributing to clogs. So to reiterate, whether we’re talking about the pulp from a juicy watermelon or the hard pit of a ripe avocado, both can cause damage to your disposal, albeit in very different ways.
  5. Meat & Bones: Bones are perhaps the number one food no-no when it comes to your garbage disposal. At no point should you ever put bones in your disposal, no matter how small they are. Even if they do get partially broken up, they can still scratch your lines, and cause clogging and other issues. With meat itself, the problem comes down to grease. Grease, fats, and oils are the top cause of garbage disposal clogs, so even if your meat is perfectly tender and easy to break apart, the fat on it is still a problem. That’s why unless you’ve got extremely lean ground chuck, leave those burger scraps out of the garbage disposal and just toss them in the waste basket once the party is over.

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