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7 Tips for Protecting Your Air Conditioning System in Albany NY

Staying cool and comfortable during the summer can be both expensive and stressful on your Central Air Conditioning system. A taxed system performs less effectively, costs more to function, and can break down before its natural time. There are ways to stay cool and protect your air conditioning system from overwork

Here are a few ways to put your wallet and your AC system at ease:

  • Seal up any air leaks in and around doors or windows.
  • Reduce solar heat gain during the day by keeping the blinds and drapes in your residential property closed.
  • Reduce solar gain in the attic by adding insulation or a radiant barrier that “reflects” heat instead of absorbing it.
  • Once the sun goes down, so does the temperature. Take advantage of this by turning down your air conditioning and opening the windows. By opening more than one window at a time, you pull air through the house and create a natural, cooling effect.
  • Circulate the air with ceiling fans and small spot fans to keep you comfortable. To get an even better effect, place a fan in front of an open window to enhance circulation.
  • Dehumidify your home’s air to allow more quality air circulating the home. A humidifier is the best defense against straining your unit. The drier your air is, the less warm the air will feel.
  • Keep up with AC care and maintenance. The best way to ensure your central air system is running at its peak is to continue routine preventative maintenance tune-ups. Changing air filters, inspecting issues as they arise, and keeping your unit clean will ensure you get a handle on a small issue before it becomes a big budget breaker.

It’s not difficult to stay cool and comfortable all summer long without straining your air conditioner. With theseair conditioning care and maintenance tips and the experts at Crisafulli Bros. by your side, it’s never been easier to manage your cooling bills and enjoy the summer even more!

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