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The Importance of Sewer Line Inspections Before Buying a Home

Everyone knows that a critical step in buying a home is the home inspection. However, very few people realize the importance of also asking for a sewer line inspection – especially for older homes. Sewer line replacement is a costly endeavor. In fact, the average price of installing a new sewer line runs anywhere from $5,000 up to $15,000 or more. Taking the time to work with a reputable plumbing company to conduct a sewer line inspection before you buy a home can save you headaches and a significant amount of money if the inspection indicates the need for replacement.

Perhaps the most common problems affecting sewer lines is when tree roots grow into the lines. Tree roots get into tiny openings within pipes and expand in the sewer line. These roots affix themselves to debris that flows through your pipes, which then results in a sewage build up and often a back up of into your home. Tree roots can damage your pipes and require a costly excavation to fix the problem.

When you hire a plumbing contractor to inspect your sewer line, he will typically insert a specially designed camera or fiber optics to inspect the system. In doing this, the contractor can determine if your sewer line is clear or has a blockage or potential blockage. A thorough sewer line inspection conducted by a professional will record the process and determine the condition of the sewer lines. After the inspection you will receive a copy of the results with detailed information regarding the findings as well as suggestions for repair or replacement if necessary.

The average cost of a sewer line inspection is typically less than $500 – which is significantly less than the cost of installing a new sewer line. Considering this comparatively minor expense, it’s a wonder why people overlook this important process.

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