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Benefits of a Tankless Hot Water Heater

Did you know that hot water heaters are one of the top five appliances that use the most energy in your home? For those in the Northeast region of the U.S., a standard 50-gallon electric hot water heater typically costs as much as $800 per year to run. The biggest issue with tank-style hot water heaters is that they use a lot of energy to keep water heated, even when you’re not using it. This can literally add up to hundreds of wasted dollars each year.

Fortunately, there is an alternative – tankless hot water heaters. Tankless hot water heaters are a great solution for replacing costly tank-style heaters because they heat water without using a storage tank, which helps to avoid standby heat loss. (Standby loss is the energy wasted to maintain a specific temperature within the tank). The basic premise behind a tankless heater is that it only heats water when you need it, which can save you 30% or more on your energy bills.

Below are some additional benefits of owning a tankless hot water heater:

  • More Hot Water – Standard, tank-style water heaters run out of hot water when used for a period of time or when used in conjunction with multiple appliances. Tankless water heaters allow for you to comfortably take a shower while the dishwasher and laundry are going without compromising the amount of hot water available.
  • Lasts Longer – Generally, a tank-style hot water heater will last around 7 years. However, most tankless units offer 10-15 year warranties and can last up to 20 years before needing to be replaced.
  • Save Energy, Reduce Energy Bills – With tankless hot water heaters, you save money by only heating water when you need it. Because of radiant heat loss, traditional tank-style heaters waste energy by storing hot water in the tank and continually re-heating the water.
  • No Wasted Space – Because tankless hot water heaters are much smaller in size than tank-style heaters, they take up much less floor and storage space. Additionally, tankless water heaters can be mounted on a wall taking up less space in your home.
  • Enjoy Cleaner Water – Because water is constantly being stored in tank-style water heaters, they can experience a build up of rust and hard water scale. This is the same water you use to bathe and drink! However, with tankless water heaters water is not being stored enabling you to experience fresher, cleaner water.

If you are interested in learning more about tankless hot water heaters, contact your local plumbing expert to discuss what the best water heater options are for you and the needs of your home.

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