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Energy Efficiency Tips for Programmable Thermostats

Are you getting fed up with high energy bills at the end of each month but don’t know what is actually spiking your bill so much? The right suspects might actually be your heater and air conditioner. Controlling the climate of your home and keeping your family comfortable is a big task for your HVAC system that uses plenty of energy. However, it doesn’t have to be as big of an energy drain as it might be for you right now. There are ways you can cleverly reduce your energy bills by adjusting your thermostat.

Thermostat tips for an energy-efficient and cost-friendly AC and heater:

  • Unoccupied hours: If there are stretches in the day when your home is unoccupied, then your AC or heating system should be adjusted to run less often in those hours. Program your thermostat to allow the temperature to fluctuate 8 degrees from your normal desired temperature when no one will be in your home. If you live in a moderate climate, then you might be able to shut off your thermostat entirely when no one is home. Be sure to speak to your veterinarian about safe home temperatures for any pets you leave home alone, though.
  • Sleep schedules: You can also fluctuate your thermostat by five degrees or so during hours when everyone in your house is asleep. Typically, a temperature adjustment of five to eight degrees will not be dramatic enough to rouse someone from slumber. Consider getting a small fan or an extra blanket for any family member who might be more sensitive to temperature while sleeping or trying to sleep.
  • Moderate temperatures: When a heatwave rolls over the area, you might want to crank the AC to the coldest possible temperature. Or, you might do the inverse with your heater when during a cold snap. Choosing extreme temperature settings on your thermostat doesn’t do much other than put stress on your HVAC system and raise your energy bills. If you choose your desired temperature and leave it there, then you will feel the same amount of temperature relief without going overboard.
  • Thermostat upgrades: Older thermostats have less functionality than newer models. They are also prone to defects that may cause your HVAC system to run more often than necessary, increasing your energy bills. You should consider upgrading your thermostat to a new, smart system. Some even let you set the temperature from anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi, making it simple to make small adjustments when you aren’t home.

Thermostat Issues? Crisafulli Bros. Can Help!

If you live in Albany, Schenectady, Troy, or the surrounding region, you can call upon Crisafulli Bros. to help you with thermostat issues. We can install a brand new thermostat that better controls your home’s internal climate without draining too much energy. You can also call on us for a diagnostic of your HVAC system, which may reveal other problems that are contributing to higher energy bills.

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