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4 Tips for AC Maintenance

When you own a home, it’s important to understand how to maintain your most important investments, including your air-conditioning system. In fact, the best time to service your system is before it’s actually needed. During the spring, routine Air Conditioning maintenance is most important as your air-conditioning system will be working overtime to keep your home cool in the upcoming months. Keeping up routine maintenance, could be the difference between relaxing in cool comfort and sweating a costly breakdown.

Check and Change Air Filters

Clean or replace the air filter once a month during the spring and summer months. In doing so, you’ll extend the life of your air conditioning system and increase its efficiency.

Keep Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit Clear of Debris

Check your outdoor unit frequently for fallen debris. To ensure your safety, first turn off the thermostat and the outdoor unit’s breaker. Once everything is off, check the unit’s sides and top for debris, including plant growth, grass clippings, and debris. Debris is often caught in coil walls, which can be cleaned with a soft-bristle brush designed to sweep the fins. The fan pulls air through fins so you should expect to find dust on the fins. When it’s removed, you increase the unit’s efficiency and longevity.

Inspect AC Cooling Coils for Frost and Ice Build up

Check the coils on the front of the air conditioner to ensure they are not icing up. When the outdoor temperature becomes cool, roughly 60 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, and you are still running your air conditioning, it’s important to make sure it is not affecting your unit. If you see that the unit is forming ice, turn it off until the temperature rises then clean the filter.

A thoroughly maintained and inspected air conditioning unit will operate at peak efficiency. Like most home investments, regular Air conditioning maintenance is far less costly than repairs or replacements. Another great option to ensure the maximum efficiency of your air conditioning unit is to schedule an annual checkup from your local Albany, New York HVAC experts. As leaders in the industry, Crisafulli Bros. Plumbing and Heating in Albany NY can provide a thorough inspection, cleaning, and AC maintenance service at an affordable rate.

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